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Club Champs Results 2020

Junior Girls Singles Winner                         Matilda Dreyer

Junior Girls Singles Runner-Up                   Maya Carden

Junior Girls Singles Plate Winner               Maia McKee

Junior Girls Doubles Winner                       Maia McKee & Lucy Turnbull

Junior Girls Doubles Runners-Up               Sophie Jones & Matilda Dreyer

Junior Girls Plate Winner                             Paige Pearce & Sienna Falloon


Junior Boys Singles Winner                          Alexander Beever

Junior Boys Runner Up                                  Zak Ismail-Sanders

Junior Boys Plate Winner                              TBA

Junior Boys Doubles Winners                      Hugo Plimmer & Johnny Plimmer

Junior Boys Doubles Runners-Up                Zak Ismail-Sanders & Kaimon Sumioka


Senior Boys Singles Winner                        Samuel Dowell

Senior Boys Singles Runner-up                  Fergus Marks

Senior Boys Doubles Winners                    William Crombie & William Falloon

Senior Boys Doubles Runners-Up              Fergus Marks & Hamish Hull

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